Tuesday, 30 June 2009

using the senses is essential

Just read an excellent article by Neil Gillis CEO of Blacks Leisure in the current copy of Retail Week - he talks about new ways of touching the customer by engaging the senses. Hoorah!
Someone else in retail who understands the power of the senses to create emotions - essential when we're appealing to customers and demonstrating why we're 'the one'.

Too many businesses pay scant attention to their visual message let alone using any of the other four senses to seduce, engage or charm customers. This is their downfall. Business must start to exploit all of our senses or risk becoming irrelevant in the mind of the customer. If you're failing to embrace the innovation of emerging trends you can be sure your competitors will, and they will reap the rewards.

The global trends for 2010, predicted at this years Retail Conference, suggest that money now has short-term relevance in the race to retain customers - we must provide meaning and relevance through making sure customers leave smarter than when they arrived at our door. This means understanding our products and services and communicating with passion, enthusiasm & confidence how they can serve the customers wants, desires and dreams.

Let me know what your thoughts are about providing a sensory experience in business - what do you do, or are planning to implement, to create that much discussed 'differential'.

Keep shining


Monday, 1 June 2009

Tired of poor speakers?

How many more times will I have to sit listening to speakers who do little other than 'me & we' all over the audience? You know the type - they begin with their life history, how great they are and what big names they work with .... in the belief we're going to be impressed. I can't help thinking "so what?"
Or the totally mind-numbing individual who we-s all over us by telling you we're based in, we were founded,we pride ourselves on great products & service (like they're going to say otherwise!) and we are .....fill in the blanks. Dull in the extreme both of them. 
I don't want to know what they are, I want to know what they do, and more importantly, what they do that works and is relevant to me.
Speaking in public is a huge priviledge so audiences need to hear about how the speakers experience can benefit them, their business and their community. Speaker authority is created more by what they give rather than telling us how brilliant they are.....actions speak louder than words everytime.
Begin a game of buzz word bingo at the next seminar or conference you attend and shout "off" everytime you hear any me-ing, we-ing or irrelevant stories designed to make the speaker look great.
How much more satisfying would it be to listen to someone who can inspire, entertain and leave us feeling richer for the experience. Let's start a game of buzz word and get rid of poor speakers.

Please let me know what you think. What do you think are the cardnial sins of speakers? How can we stamp this curse out? What would you really like when you attend a seminar or conference?

Meanwhile, keep shining