Friday, 29 May 2009

dictionary for networking speak

Having been to most of the networking clubs from horribly early breakfast meetings through to evening events that make you wish you had stayed in the office, I began to notice there is a kind of cliched speak that deserves a dictionary. This is to assist newbies to networking, and those who have noticed the same thing and fancy adding their own contributions to the dictionary.
In true Angi style let's start with a top 5........

They say It would be great to meet for coffee What this really means I want your expertise but I don't want to pay for it

They say I think we could work together What this really means I'm keen to access your client list for easy ways in

They say Can I have your business card? What this really means I want to build up my database

They say How long have you been a member?What this really means How much business do you get from this?

They say What do you do?What this really means I haven't a clue what to say and I really want to talk about me

This is a lighthearted tease more than a sinister dig so if you decide to join in do please keep your contributions in this style. I have now adopted a policy of keeping my business cards hidden unless I decide they are genuinely someone who I could work with - the alternative is just too dull to contemplate! If you fail to do this prepare to be spammed and sold to for months to come.

keep shining


Thursday, 21 May 2009

stand out in the global car boot environment

Listened with interest to the Radio 4 Woman's Hour programme this morning and was delighted to hear LG Rich and Heather from Wiggly Wig Worm company describing their principles for creating 
on-line success.
They support the central principle of Romancing the Customer and why this creates success and bliss for the communities we serve – connect with people through being authentic and more human, understand the market before you wade in with 'wham, bang, thank you ma’am' selling and finally the dare to be different to get noticed – using the right words, creating great visuals, free from cliche and give people the information they’re looking for. Especially on-line …..the global car boot LG Rich described (see Initial Lust chapter 6 on websites).
It was encouraging to hear other successful business women discussing the need to cut through the corporate thinking and instead focus on the needs of people looking for what you are passionate and knowledgable about. Give inspired expertise and give it willingly, and everyone benefits.And do so with genuine charm and humour - this is far more compelling than boring corporate speak that serves as an ego stroke to anyone but the customer. 

Keep shining!